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The Thyroid Tumor Surgery in Cats

Did you know that cats can have a hyperactive thyroid gland? Also known as hyperthyroidism, it’s a fairly common condition in older cats. In fact, the vast majority of affected cats are older than 10 years of age. Most of the time, the reason is either a benigntumor or benign enlargement of the thyroid gland(s).

What is hyperthyroidism?
Hyperthyroidism is when thyroid glands work overtime and produce too much thyroid hormone. Because this hormone controls many organs, it can lead to multiple consequences:

  • Weight loss, despite an increase in appetite
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Irritable or aggressive behavior
  • Increased drinking and urination
  • Increased heart rate
  • A heart murmur
  • Poor hair coat
  • Increased activity

Occasionally, a chubby couch potato kitty with gorgeous hair may turn into a skinny old cat with a rough hair coat, running around the house like a maniac.

How is hyperthyroidism diagnosed?
Since some of the signs of hyperthyroidism can be similar to other diseases, it’s important to perform a full work up. This starts with athorough physical exam. A small nodule on the thyroid can often be felt by your veterinarian.

Blood work, including measurement of the thyroid hormone level, is the next logical step. The increased metabolic rate of hyperthyroidism can hide kidney issues and cause heart complications, so both should be monitored before and after treatment has been started. This requires blood work, X-rays and ultrasound.

How is hyperthyroidism treated?
There are several treatment options:

  • Methimazole is a medication that fights hyperthyroidism. It is usually given by mouth, every single day. Methimazole can also be compounded into a cream which is applied to the skin or the ear daily (transdermal application).This is a life-long treatment.
  • I know about at least one special diet that is very low in iodine, and was introduced a few years ago. If your veterinarian recommends this option, this is the only food your cat should eat for good results.
  • Veterinary endocrinologists consider IV radioactive iodine treatment as the gold standard for hyperthyroidism.
  • Surgery to remove the tumor is an option, although it is less and less common. It’s a delicate surgery but in good hands, it is highly successful.

What are the risks of thyroid surgery?
In addition to the risks of anesthesia [see common anesthesia myths here], one of the main risks of surgery is damage or accidental removal of the parathyroid glands. There are two parathyroid glands on each side: one inside each thyroid gland, and one just outside of each thyroid gland. When we remove the thyroid gland, we remove the “internal” parathyroid gland. If we remove both thyroid glands, then we remove both internal parathyroid glands. So there are only two external parathyroid glands left. If they are removed accidentally, along with a large thyroid mass, or if they are damaged during surgery, then three or even all four parathyroid glands might be removed.

As a consequence, the cat may have a complication called hypocalcemia, which means that the calcium levels in the blood stream are dangerously low.

What medications are needed after thyroid surgery?
Besides the usual pain medications and antibiotics, the hypocalcemia (low calcium) needs to be managed if it develops. This is typically done by giving calcium supplements and/or vitamin D. Their dosages are slowly tapered over time as the body slowly takes over. In addition, calcium is provided once the cat eats enough food.

What is the outcome of hyperthyroidism treatment?
Thyroid cancer (adenocarcinoma) is an aggressive tumor but thankfully very rare. The outcome for that is usually poor.

Benign tumors (adenomas) and benign enlargement of the thyroid gland are much more common and have a much better outcome. However, the outcome also depends on whether complications occur with the kidneys or the heart. Most cats live years after the initial diagnosis.

As with any disease, the sooner you address it, the more options you have and the better the outcome. If your cat is acting out of sorts in any way, please see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Love your Dog and Keeping Them Safe


You, as an owner of a dog must keep control at all times.It is extremely important when visiting public places, such as public parks and when traveling short or long distances. Several laws have been put in place on the township, county, state, and country levels regarding dogs and leashes.Many p eople enjoy allowing their dog to run free for their enjoyment. This is definitely not a good choice unless you live in a rural area without the risk of danger.Leashes are to protect your dog and other animals as well as people in the area.

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We have listed 5 examples below that will explain why this rule is so important. You will find it enjoyable choosing different collars and leashes for your furry friends.

1. Public safety

This rule was created to provide your community with peace of mind and protection against their personal belongings. It not only provides the safety of your home and lawn, it also decreases the chances of injury to the your animal and the community.This is why the leash rule is so important.

2. Companionship

A dog that is using a leash can show how much the pet owner loves their dog and does not want to cause harm to him or anyone that comes in contact with them.It also shows that the owner has spent time training the dog to be comfortable wearing it. You also get to have fun choosing a collar to match. There are many options in collars and leashes.

3. Dog health and safety

There are times when a dog can run out in the street and possibly get hit by a motor vehicle. This is another great reason for leashes.This can be very sad for the dog, owner, and the person driving the vehicle. This is something we all want to avoid. Another reason that the leash is important and necessary.Without the leash, dogs tend to actively run and love to find new experiences.They are likely to come across things that can be hazardous, sometimes deadly.Another issue to avoid.

4. Gifting a Pet

When the decision is made to buy a puppy for a friend or family member, there are a lot of factors should be considered. While it is a nice gesture, not all people are pet people. Many dog breeds require a lot of attention and caring, as well as the proper home to raise their new furry friend.It needs to be a safe environment for all.It is best to discuss this option with the person first.Research on the breed prior to choosing is a must.

5. Identification device

A sturdy collar is a must for your puppy.You will need to have contact information in case you and your pet get separated at any time. It also provides a place to attach their rabies tag and county license tag.Let’s not forget it is also the place to attach a leash for their safety and protection.

I will leave you with a few thoughts regarding the importance of using a leash for your pet. It is the least costly item you can purchase to keep your pet safe. It is also probably the one item that has been around for many years.

A Various Bird Toys


Most individuals enjoy the company of pets. Whether we are talking about bird companions or pet companions they all require special care. Reputed manufacturers put at your disposal an impressive range of premium quality items like Bird Supplies and Bird Toys.

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Most individuals enjoy the company of pets. Whether we are talking about bird companions or pet companions they all require special care. Reputed manufacturers put at your disposal an impressive range of premium quality items like Bird Supplies and Bird Toys.

Bird owners know how important it is to keep them birds busy with toys and playtime. Birds aren’t the exception, they love exploring any object or material they can find. If you don’t want your avian friend to get bored, you have to take into account several matters. We have to bring to your knowledge that Bird Toys are the optimal choice to avoid unpleasant situations like seeing your bird restless, steeds out or aggressive. If you have birds companion like parrots, cockatiels, finches and canaries, lovebirds etc you have to be aware of the fact that they enjoy having something to do.

When it comes to Bird Toys, manufacturers put at your disposal a wide range of high quality products to choose from.  All the toys are manufactured with the purpose of stimulating bird’s natural behaviour. Activity toys like trees and play gyms allow the birds to remain engaged, to work the beak and feet while climbing and exploring. Interactive items are also available. Products like ladders and climbing toys allow birds to exercise. Producers recommend the use of at least two sets of toys which can be rotated regularly. These toys are available in all kind of sizes, colours and materials. Puzzle toys are very popular; their aim is to make the birds to follow an instruction in order to get a treat.

All bird owners need certain Bird Supplies for their feathery friends. Reputed providers come to the rescue of owners by creating some checklists that are meant to ease their task. We have to mention that each species requires some supplies. For example, x small supplies are suitable for canaries and finches. Large supplies are very suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Large Conures etc. For every bird there are some must have items. Cage lining is a very important item on the list. Various perches are required for shower, heat, therapy, etc. Food and toys are mandatory products. If you want to enjoy a healthy companion bird, you should feed it lots of vitamins and minerals.

The large category of Bird Supplies contains many items like swings, treats, holders, feeders, nets. Supplies like bird medications and bird firs aid are much recommended and helpful in particular cases. If your bird is looking gloomy and lethargic the problem could be lack of full spectrum lightening. It is known that full spectrum lightening is essential for both mental and physical health. Indoor full spectrum lights are an important component for their health, so it is highly recommended to purchase the appropriate lamps.

We offer bird owners a variety of premium Bird Supplies. If you don’t want to see your companion bird stressed out or bored it is suitable to purchase high quality Bird Toys.

About Online Pet Supplies

Many individuals and families all around the world have at least one pet. People love birds and animals companion. Regardless of the kind of pet you have, they all require special care. A very wide range of Pet Supplies are available on the market. Australians are well aware of the benefits of Pet S upplies Sydney.

Many individuals and families all around the world have at least one pet. People love birds and animals companion. Regardless of the kind of pet you have, they all require special care. A very wide range of Pet Supplies are available on the market. Australians are well aware of the benefits of Pet Supplies Sydney.

We have to mention that pets require attention, special care and various products. Whether you just want to take care of your pet or you want to pamper it, you have to purchase a wide range of items.  Pet owners from all over the world have a lot of

options regarding the purchase of Pet Supplies. These items can be purchased if you pay a visit to a local store or online. It seems like pet’s stores are very popular due to the fact that the buyers can examine very closely and in detail every product. Many pets’ owners consider that these stores offer them the chance of studying the quality of products.

Visiting the local pet store is the most common way to purchase the items that your pet needs. Whether you need food, medications, toys, cages etc, they are all available in a pet store. Although most individuals acquire Pet Supplies from a local store, others might enjoy a more convenient option. Online pet stores dispose of the same items like local stores. We have to mention that there are a lot of benefits of purchasing various items online. The first is related to the fact that you don’t have to leave your home in order to purchase simple dish water or pet toothpaste. In a few minutes, you will be checking your entire list.

If you lack the time to go to the local pet store, the best option is to buy all the items required online. Australians can purchase Pet Supplies Sydney from the comfort of their homes. If you decide to choose the online method you have to consider the shipping cost. Sometimes, online stores offer their clients free shipping or reduced costs. Pet’s owners appreciate the joy their companions bring them. By pampering them, owners repay them for all the pleasant moments spent in their company.

Most individuals treat their pets like human beings. Pets are clothed, groomed and given the most exquisite treats. Pet Supplies Sydney provide a wide range of high quality items in order to satisfy all types of demands, even the most exigent ones. Shopping online gives you the chance of benefiting from online deals, discounts, introductory offers and coupons. In fewer words, don’t hesitate to visit a pet store if you want to pamper your pet companion.

Pets owners from all over the world can buy all sorts of Pet Supplies in a very efficient way. All Australian pet owners who want to pamper their pets companions should check out Pet Supplies Sydney.

Give your furball with healthier coat


dog grooming is important to help a dog receive proper care which may also contribute to a lustrous and healthier coat.

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Dogs are beautiful creatures, these wonderful canines make for great companions. Being a responsible dog parent it becomes mandatory to look after the health of pets that completely rest their faith on you when it comes to staying healthy and fine. Remember, a dog’s sign of being healthy is also revealed through its coat. While some dogs showcase long haired fur, others show short haired coat. This basically depends upon the breed and the type of fur may also determine the kind of maintenance a canine companion has to be given in order to look perfectly fine.   So that you keep your dog absolutely healthy you need to consider the dog food that your four legged friend should be given.

There are a few elementary things that should be kept in mind to keep your dog healthy. These also contribute to the healthiness of their fur. Check out the key factors that will keep your dog healthy and happy:

Diet: This should primarily include protein. Proteins provide the vital nutrients for your dog to develop bones and muscles. Lack of protein can make their fur look dull and dry. Omega 3 fatty acids is another essential factor that adds to glow of your pet. The more you include these the better the coat. Besides this nutrient keeps the coat thick and healthy reducing dandruff issues and allergenic syndromes.

Exercise: This is one of the elementary things to be included in the daily regime of a dog that needs to stay healthy and beautiful. Other than helping the canine friend grow a slimmer and fitter appearance, exercising daily can help the fur ball get a lustrous coat.

Dog grooming: Each and every dog has to undergo shedding and you cannot do anything about it. All you can do is control the hair fall by seeking proper dog grooming services. Regular brushing of coat is important and if you do it once a week, the fur will automatically attain luster. hair parting and brushing enhances circulation and hence matting can be avoided. Also it helps keep away from bacteria and yeast infestation. Also you must note that the shampoo you use is good enough for the coat your dog has. If the fur friend has sensitive skin you must essentially look for a hypoallergenic product that will offer effective cleansing without causing harm. Apart from regular grooming it is necessary that you call a vet for monthly check-up so that health problems that might be causing the fur to become dry, matted or less, can be avoided.